Protecht Inc. AND Its Family of Companies Offer AWARD WINNING technology built for The Experience Economy.

Powering technologies from INSURANCE and payments to fraud and bot sECURITY. We Protecht what matterS.


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INDUSTRY LEADING enterprise level technology PLATFORM built for scalability and security for today’s live eventS


Positioned at the highest level of the purchase experience, our award-winning technology was built developer first, to offer seamless customer experiences and value to you.

Our suite of enterprise solutions are centered on providing real-time data and instant feedback  from the event and attendee experience to empower you and enhance your control.

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As the lifeblood of the industry, we understand the crucial role that today’s organizers play in the experience economy.  

That’s why we’ve built value-add solutions for organizers that offer peace of mind and help de-risk your events, which offer real-time information on your attendees, inventory, and more.

Contact Us to see if the platform you use is already integrated or a list of other platform options already offering our products.

From the beginning, we built this company to protecht fans and attendees because we’re fans and attendees ourselves.

As we’ve traversed the globe we’ve found that no matter where we are, or what type of event we are protechting, that the story we tell is made up of two things: relationships and experiences.  

That’s why we’re proud to protecht your story, your experience, your time. We protecht what matters and what matters is you.


Proud to Partner with these INDUSTRY leading BRANDS and more:

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