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 Organizers, As the lifeblood of the industry, we understand the crucial role that today’s organizers play in the experience economy.  

That’s why we’ve built value-add solutions for organizers that offer peace of mind and help de-risk your events, which offer real-time information on your attendees, inventory, and more.

In a crowded market that’s only going to continue to grow it’s important that you set yourself apart from the competition by offering your attendees the most protechted experience possible. Like you, we want everyone’s event experience to be great, but we know that life sometimes finds a way to derail plans, so that’s why we’ve developed FanShield and EventShield.  

FanShield is our licensed insurance arm of protecht. Through its product suite it insures tickets, registrations, tours, and events: including concerts, festivals, professional sports, endurance races, conferences, and more. Powering peace of mind by bridging the gap between experience and the non-refundable world of live events. We help you give your attendees confidence in their experience

EventShield takes this a step further by protechting the organizer. We understand that things happen out of your control and can force you to cancel your event so we built an event cancellation insurance product that allows you to protecht your attendees without having to shovel out massive premiums up front, as we collect the premiums per ticket instead.

“Every one of you has sacrificed significant time and money to curate the perfect event for your attendees and that’s why you should do everything you can to insure yourself from the risk of something unexpected happening.”

As an insurance company built for attendees, by attendees, and on the forefront of a critical turning point in the live events space where, as it stands, most tickets and registrations are non-refundable, FanShield empowers you to give your attendees additional choices while EventShield gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re protechted which frees you to concentrate on all the other details that go into operating a successful event.

Check us out and make sure that the next event that you organize, you protecht your attendees’ experience while protechting your investment. #protectyourtickets #confidenceinaclick


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