TicketGuardian Taps Scott Matulich as Chief Financial Officer

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- TicketGuardian, a leader in the insurtech space, today announced Scott Matulich as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Matulich joins TicketGuardian from Wells Fargo Bank where he held senior finance roles as Vice President and Regional Finance Manager.

Matulich brings with him extensive experience and analytical expertise in corporate finance, strategic planning, financial modeling, investor relations, and risk management.

"I am thrilled to be joining TicketGuardian," says Matulich. "I'm excited about TicketGuardian's unique position in driving the global transformation of the non-refundable world of live events."

Matulich will lead TicketGuardian's financial operations and investor relations. In his new capacity, Matulich will oversee a company-wide initiative designed to drive TicketGuardian's productivity, service quality and customer experience.

"The addition of a CFO will provide significant financial guidance for TicketGuardian as it steps into its growth phase," adds Bryan Derbyshire, CEO and Founder of TicketGuardian. "Scott will be a dynamic new addition to our team. His experience in high-profile financial institutions will inform key decisions for our company as it continues to grow."

Matulich previously spent 20 years at Wells Fargo Bank where he led teams of analysts that provided planning and analysis to an organization consisting of $10.4 billion in assets.

Over the last 10 years, Matulich developed reporting infrastructures and technological solutions to maximize revenue opportunities. It was during this time that Matulich participated in the development of a number of models designed with the goal of improving transparency and accuracy of financial forecasting.

Matulich received his Bachelor of Science in Business & Finance from Portland State University and his Master's Degree in Business Administration from Seattle University.

About TicketGuardian
TicketGuardian is a leading mobile-first insurtech firm committed to bridging the gap between a customer's peace of mind and the non-refundable world of events and ticketing. Founded in 2016, TicketGuardian's intuitive and easy-to-use platform provides low-cost coverage to protect attendees from financial stress, should normal life circumstances prevent them from attending an event. Based in California, TicketGuardian partners include accesso ShoWare, International Speedway Corporation, ShowClix and more. Find out more at www.ticketguardian.net.

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From movies to sporting events, these 5 companies are changing the way we buy tickets

With weather that rarely dips below 50 degrees, finding something to do in Los Angeles isn’t that hard to do. But if goat yoga and vegan kebabs on the Santa Monica pier don’t do it for you, LA’s wealth of music clubs, theaters and sporting events offer plenty of variety at a decent price. Whether you want to see Arcade Fire at the Greek Theatre or watch Clayton Kershaw at Dodger Stadium, these five companies are making it easier to buy tickets.



Headquartered in Newport Beach, TicketGuardian is a fintech startup that offers ways for fans to protect their tickets to live events should something preclude them from attending. Founded in 2015, the company works with event organizers and event-goers alike to offer stability, regardless of weather, personal emergencies or prima donna rockstars who don't feel like playing on a given day. 


Atom Tickets

Since launching in 2013, Santa Monica-based Atom Tickets has grown into one of the most widely-used ticketing services for moviegoers. Using the app, users can purchase specific seats and snacks to avoid long lines — and the urge to splurge on an order of Cookie Dough Bites. In March, the company closed a $60 million Series C after tripling its ticket sales from the year before.



Founded by former Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard, Rival’s tech approach is a little different than other ticketing platforms. Users who purchase tickets digitally verify their purchases by uploading a photo. Once at the event, an on-site camera will identify the buyer using their photo, helping cut lines and improving customer satisfaction in the process. In May, the stealthy startup emerged onto the scene with a $30 million investment that included participation from tech luminaries like Slack CPO April Underwood, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and Stripe co-founders Patrick and John Collison.



It wouldn't be fair to talk about local ticketing companies without mentioning one of the absolute OGs of ticketing services. Founded in 1976, Ticketmasteris still one of the biggest ticket retailers on the planet, and with its headquarters on Hollywood Boulevard, the company is about as LA as it gets.



As anyone who has ever attended a sporting event can attest, ticket envy is real, and it can be unbearable. Founded in 2012, Pogoseat — which has dual headquarters in Venice and London — has developed a platform that allows attendees to find and purchase seat upgrades.



Utilizing artificial intelligence, Sinemia’s private movie club platform allows members to get into theaters at a fraction of the price using a location-based technology and a prepaid debit card. With plans starting at $3.99, Sinemia is available to subscribers at all major theater chains in the United States. Founded in 2014, the company is headquartered in the heart of West Hollywood.

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TicketNews | Insurtech Company TicketGuardian Combats Non-Refundable Industry

At major, live events, there are always seats left unfilled, causing fans to speculate and venues to become frustrated. But what if there was a way to prevent this from happening, and give some sort of control back to venues and ticketing platforms?

Earlier this year, FIFA launched an investigation over the masses of empty seats at the 2018 World Cup. Nearly 5,000 seats went unfilled, and because of the broken non-refundable ticket policy in place at most live events, this problem will continue. However, insurtech companies are beginning to tackle this issue, in hopes to avoid another disaster like what happened at the World Cup.

TicketGuardian is an insurtech company that was built to give venues, leagues, and ticketing platforms control back. In an interview with Ticket News, TicketGuardian founder Bryan Derbyshire explained that his company would allow these platforms to utilize real-time data and have control over inventory and revenue opportunities.

“We see the experience for the actual fan or the attendee really starts the day they buy the ticket, not just the day they walk in the door or through the gate,” Derbyshire said. “We want to make sure that we are helping or giving these brands the opportunity to utilize that control all the way through.”

The company has focused on Fanshield, Regshield, and Full Attendee as new consumer-facing products that “give policy owners better coverage for both ticketed live events and registered events.”

With one of these products in place, he said fans would be able to have “peace of mind” if they can’t attend the event they paid for.  The platform would be able to have inventory control, or participate in fan engagement by moving a buyer from a higher section to a lower section in an arena. Additionally, it allows the platform to give away last minute tickets to local teams, or fans who can’t afford a ticket. This applies to organizations like Vet Tix – where veterans are offered free tickets to an event.

“Things happen, and the industry has been non-refundable since…forever,” Derbyshire noted. “We’re used to buying online and having an option. We think this industry should also have an option and give that open door policy back to the consumer.”

Derbyshire explained that this change in the industry is necessary, and he doesn’t think it hasn’t shifted yet because of a lack of desire in the industry. Instead, he believes that it has to do with the lack of technology to connect the dots between the reality of the industry and the solution. In terms of “bridging that gap from a data perspective,” he says that TicketGuardian can do that.

People don’t want to talk about the fact that major events sell-out in seconds and then are sold on the secondary market for extremely marked-up prices, he said. The non-refundable industry causes tickets to become invaluable when they are not resold or distributed once the buyer can no longer attend an event. Derbyshire said that just like a clothing store’s refund policies, the ticketing industry should have some type of strategy in place.

“I think people are asking for it,” Derbyshire said. “The traditional e-commerce shopping has changed the way we buy, look, purchase things now and I think its time for some of these spaces to change, adapt, and listen to what their fans and attendees want.”

Currently, TicketGuardian is working to grow domestically and internationally, hoping to have the majority of the market here between 12 and 18 months, with Derbyshire noting that consumers ultimately drive what the industry does. He intends to spread word about the company to all types of live event platforms, in hopes that this will one day be the norm in ticketing.

For more information about TicketGuardian, visit their website.

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CSM Sport & Entertainment Partners With TicketGuardian

INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CSM Sport & Entertainment, a global brand agency within the world of sponsorship, has entered a partnership with insurtech company, TicketGuardian. The partnership enables TicketGuardian to engage more sports and entertainment venues with their ticket inventory control technology and provide fans with more options at the time of their ticket purchase.

TicketGuardian was founded in 2016 with the mission of transforming the live events industry and bringing it into the modern-age, providing more choices in an industry plagued with no refunds. The start-up brings innovative technology controls to partners in order to provide consumers with the opportunity to purchase insurance on their event tickets, should something prevent them from attending. The technology also works for registration-based events such as endurance events, camps and industry conferences.

"Teams, leagues and sanctioning bodies in North America, and globally, are always looking for ways to innovate and bring a better experience to their fans. TicketGuardian's ability to provide an affordable solution for fans - that also works with the property's ticketing platform for inventory management - sets them apart from the competition," says CSM Sport & Entertainment Vice President of Business Development, Matt Wray.

TicketGuardian is working exclusively with CSM Sport & Entertainment generate sponsorships, to increase brand awareness and grow their global reach.

"Fans deserve the ability to protect their ticket purchases for the world's greatest live events," says Founder and CEO of TicketGuardian, Bryan Derbyshire. "By partnering with CSM, our belief is that the industry will realize just how urgently it needs to overhaul the ticket purchasing experience. For starters, it's time to say goodbye to 'no refunds.'"

TicketGuardian has expanded their network extensively in 2018, highlighted by a partnership with the International Speedway Corporation to provide ticket insurance to customers across their 13 motorsports venues. The partnership included entitlement rights for the TicketGuardian 500 at ISM Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona in March of 2018.

"Working with CSM Sport & Entertainment will help us to bring our industry-leading technology to more sport and entertainment venues across the country," says Derbyshire. "And eventually the world."

About CSM Sport & Entertainment
CSM Sport & Entertainment is a global agency focused on providing solutions for brands within the world of sponsorship. With a North American headquarters in New York, CSM has brought together the world's best agencies to provide a unique offering for clients. Visit www.csm.com to learn more about CSM's industry-leading solutions.

CSM Sport & Entertainment Contact
Ryan Sawrie
CSM, Director of Content
(317) 260-7727

About TicketGuardian
TicketGuardian, a leading insurtech company in the live events space, is committed to creating a better customer experience; bridging the gap between the non-refundable world of live events and the lack of options available when unable to attend an event. TicketGuardian provides technology that powers control for platforms and organizers who value visibility and data on revenue, inventory and consumer engagement. Based in California, TicketGuardian provides consumer protection in various markets including concerts, music, food & wine festivals, professional sporting events, marathons, endurance races, conferences, camps and more. Find out more at www.ticketguardian.net

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TicketGuardian founders launch two insurance products for live events

The founders of live-events insurtech start-up TicketGuardian have announced the launch of FanShield and RegShield, two consumer-facing insurance products that give policyholders coverage for ticketed live events and registered events.

“TicketGuardian has grown substantially over the past two years. We continue to be committed to enhancing our coverage, and to serve even more attendees,” said Bryan Derbyshire, founder and CEO of TicketGuardian. “We’re growing our product set with FanShield and RegShield, so we can provide better, more affordable coverage to the right industries and for the right people. We believe FanShield and RegShield raise the bar in ticketing and registration environments.”

FanShield covers fans with tickets to live events. The policy protects ticket holders when one of several covered perils prevents them from attending the event. RegShield covers events that require registration, such as marathons, fun runs and conferences.

“Changing the way fans and registrants view the live-events space is our business, and the secret sauce to achieving that lies in our new products,” Derbyshire said. “FanShield and RegShield have each set a higher standard, greatly improving the overall fan experience – which is the reason we do this. We continue to develop the best technology and work with partners to refine and enhance our core value: technology and protection in an industry that is long overdue for a leg up in both.”

Bryan Derbyshire

LOS ANGELES, May 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The founders of TicketGuardian, the live events industry's leading InsurTech startup has announced today, the launch of FanShield and RegShield, two new consumer-facing insurance products that give policy owners better coverage for both ticketed live events, and registered events.

"TicketGuardian has grown substantially over the past two years. We continue to be committed to enhancing our coverage, and to serve even more attendees," says Bryan Derbyshire, Founder and CEO of TicketGuardian. "We're growing our product set with FanShield and RegShield, so we can provide better, more affordable coverage, to the right industries, and for the right people. We believe FanShield and RegShield raise the bar in the ticketing and registration environments."

FanShield is an insurance product for fans with tickets to live events. The policy protects ticket holders should one of several covered perils prevent them from attending their scheduled event, including festivals, concerts, and sporting events.  Having insurance in place helps event-goers secure peace of mind when buying tickets well in advance. It also protects them from having to find and purchase tickets within days or hours of an event, when prices are higher, and seating choices, more limited.

RegShield, TicketGuardian's second attendee-focused product, will cover events that require registration, including marathons, fun runs, conferences and camps, which typically ask attendees to provide extensive, detailed information to participate.

FanShield and RegShield each stand to benefit TicketGuardian's partners, as ticketing and registration platforms often provide one of the services but not both. TicketGuardian expects the differentiating policy types will yield even stronger conversions and improve the checkout flow for fans and registrants alike.

"Changing the way fans and registrants view the live events space is our business, and the secret sauce to achieving that lies in our new products. FanShield and RegShield have each set a higher standard, greatly improving the overall fan experience — which is the reason we do this," adds Derbyshire. "We continue to develop the best technology and work with partners to refine and enhance our core value: technology and protection in an industry that is long overdue for a leg up in both."

About TicketGuardian
TicketGuardian, the leading InsurTech firm in the live events space, is committed to bridging the gap between a customer's peace of mind and the non-refundable world of live events. Founded in 2016, TicketGuardian provides insurance technology products to protect attendees from financial stress, should normal life circumstances prevent them from attending an event. Based in California, TicketGuardian provides consumer protection to every industry where live events are held. FanShield LLC. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TicketGuardian's parent company, Protecht Inc. – a technology leader in the live events space that powers a suite of customer facing insurance products. Find out more at ticketguardian.net or fanshield.insure

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Can't Attend That Event? Don't Worry As You're Covered With TicketGuardian

The BZ Awards is an oscar-like event to showcase the companies with the most impressive technology, who are paving the future in financial services and capital markets. In preparation for its biggest installment yet this May, we're profiling the companies who have moved to the final round of judging for the BZ Awards. In this feature we focus in on TicketGuardian

What does your company do?

TicketGuardian is an InsurTech company that offers cutting-edge technology to connect insurance carriers to attendees. We’ve developed two customer-facing insurance products, FanShield and RegShield, in order for an attendee to be given the choice to protect their investment in concert, sport, experience, or any live event. 

What unique problem does it solve?

The live events industry, tickets and registrations traditionally has been non-refundable. The current industry doesn’t take into account that the unexpected can happen and because the fan experience starts the minute a ticket is purchased, we want to protect those experiences, beginning to end, because we all know life happens and at least attendees now have a choice to protect their investments in their experiences. 

Providing a choice to a consumer to protect their purchase is something relatively new to this non-refundable industry and we’re powering the change with our technology and insurance partners. 

Who are your customers?

We are business to business as well as business to consumer. Traditionally we work with ticketing and registrations platforms in order to deploy our integrated technology to it’s event organizers so that they can offer our technology in the checkout flow of buying a ticket or registration direct to their fans and attendees. An individual however, may simply go to protect.ticketguardian.net and purchase a direct policy for any upcoming live event.

How long have you been in business?

TicketGuardian officially launched in January of 2016. We’re a young company with aggressive growth and a lot of opportunity in front of us! 

Where are you located?

Our HQ is located in beautiful Newport Beach, California but we have another office in Phoenix, AZ as well. We’re expanding our office as we’re bursting at the seams!

Who is your company's leadership? What kind of experience do they have?

Bryan Derbyshire is our founder and CEO. He came from the world of corporate banking where he demonstrated a keen understanding of risk management in merchant processing thus leading him to several roles as an executive, board member, and consultant and has structured and facilitated joint venture opportunities in both technology and the fintech industries. 

Casey Callinskey is our President and he too came from the banking industry. He has served the last 15 years in senior and executive positions in community banking. Casey brings expertise in people and process management and was brought in to guide the transition from startup to growth and streamline both the process and well as organizational structure required to handle our undeniable scale.  

Beau Jeppesen is our operational leader and brings his extensive experience gained by running different financial institutions at nearly every level. Beau spent the past 10+ years at one of the world’s largest financial institutions. Beau has lead his team to support our clients both at the enterprise level down through the unique challenges of SMB, along with navigating our international clients and operational roadblocks that come with operating a global company from the U.S. Additionally, Beau is also Head of Product and uses his deep-seated analytical skills to help bring the “big ideas” from the top down to practicality and priority within the development roadmap. 

Who are your investors, if any?

Our current cap table includes WTI, and a few early seed investors. We’re in the final throws of our Series A round closing this summer. 

Is there anything else Benzinga should know about your company?

Sure, lots! While we don’t have the space nor time to tell you everything, we do think our new claims process combining AI and logic has been a tremendous improvement in the way we think claims have been handled in the past in the insurance industry. We’re also deploying insurance in several unique ways that not many organizations have seen in the past and we plan on continuing to disrupt both the tech and insurance space! Just wait!

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TicketGuardian Names New President

Los Angeles-based TicketGuardian, which operates a ticket insurance service for live events, said it has named Casey Callinsky as its new President. Callinsky previously had served as a bank area president for Wells Fargo, where he had served in a variety of positions since 2002, and prior to that, had been at US Bank. TicketGuardian said its founder, Bryan Derbyshire, remains as CEO.

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