TicketGuardian Partners with EzTix to Offer Refundable Tickets

TicketGuardian, the insurtech startup shaking up the ‘no refunds’ standard of live events ticketing, and EzTix, the global leader in Food & Wine ticketed sales, announced their partnership today to provide customers with a way to insure their experience and get their money back for unforeseen circumstances, for less than the cost of a glass of wine. 

Beginning this month, TicketGuardian will provide EzTix partners such as Toronto’s top food tour and gourmet experience company Culinary Adventure Co., with the option to make every ticket fully refundable. It’s what the platform is calling a ‘refund revolution’, making it possible for attendees to file a claim should they be unable to attend any experience purchased through EzTix.

EzTix Founder and CEO, Jeremy Mitchell, first revealed the TicketGuardian partnership to several hundred clients at the Global Food Tourism Conference where it was well received. Clients such as Flavors of San Juan, a top food tour operator in Puerto Rico, expressed their excitement about the integration.


“Our partners focus on creating world-class experiences for their guests, and we help them bring that commitment online when visitors are shopping for tickets. A partnership with TicketGuardian will allow us to finally banish the idea of ‘non-refundable’ bookings to the history books, where it belongs. At the end of the day, what’s best for guests is best for our partners” – Jeremy Mitchell.


It’s time for a change regarding ‘no refund’ policies and both TicketGuardian and EzTix believe the food and wine festival and tour industry is ready to adapt.


“We’ve had several clients interested in becoming completely refundable and our position on our platform has always been to do what’s in the best interest of our clients and their customers,” says Mitchell.


EzTix partner Carmel Food Tours says, “We are focused on helping visitors and Carmel residents alike enjoy the best ‘off-the-beaten-path’ food and cultural experiences possible,” and Mitchell believes their clients will benefit from the integration.


TicketGuardian has long believed that the paid ticketing environment should automatically include the ability for an attendee to be refunded and is well on their way to making this an industry norm. “TicketGuardian’s technology is not only powering unprecedented choice and peace of mind amongst people who love to plan around their experiences, it also adds superlative value to organizations who put on experiential events by making sure their customers are always given the best choices at that moment. We cater to the live events space, so we’re thrilled to be partners now with a leader in the food and wine festival space” – founder and CEO of TicketGuardian, Bryan Derbyshire.

Bryan Derbyshire