TicketGuardian and Feyline Partner To Bring Assurance with Insurance For Fans

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Feyline has entered into a strategic partnership with TicketGuardian as its ticket insurance provider of choice.

The unique partnership leverages TicketGuardian's technology providing ticket insurance to ticket holders. Their first joint efforts were on Feyline's New Year's Eve Show featuring all-star lineup of Migos, Post Malone, Lil Yachty, and Young Thug.

"We're very excited about what TicketGuardian is doing. As Barry always said, 'There's only one VIP and that's the person who bought the ticket,' and we feel that TicketGuardian emulates that sentiment. We want our fans to have peace of mind whether they attend one of our shows or can't. Feyline and TicketGuardian have a shared ethos of the fans always coming first," - Tyler Fey, Partner at Feyline.

Feyline is a ventureship located in Denver, Colorado, with operations within event promotions and artist management. Established in 1967 by Barry Fey, Feyline continues to challenge standards within the industry, with an extensive and impressive history amongst the founders of the live touring space.

"Having Feyline as a partner is truly humbling. I love their ideas and to be associated with their team is incredibly exciting. It's another testament that TicketGuardian belongs in the live events space and we're grateful that Feyline engaged us," - Bryan Derbyshire, Founder and CEO of TicketGuardian.

About TicketGuardian
TicketGuardian is a leading mobile-first insurtech firm committed to bridging the gap between a customer's peace of mind and the non-refundable world of events and ticketing. Founded in 2016, TicketGuardian's intuitive platform provides low cost coverage to protect attendees from burden, should normal life circumstances prevent them from attending an event. Based in California, TicketGuardian partners include Events.com, ShowClix and SquadUp. Find out more at ticketguardian.net.

TicketGuardian Media Contact
Adam Renner, Communications & Marketing
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About Feyline
Since 1967, Feyline has been synonymous with large-scale events, touring, and memorable moments in music history. Incorporating methods from a successful past, as well as adapting to the ever-evolving future, the company re-launched 2012. Now with a diversified focus, Feyline's enterprises range from events, management, publishing and disruptive industry technologies. Feyline creates the highest quality experience for fans and artists in line with their foundational ethos of always putting the fans first. Find out more at feyline.com.

Feyline Media Contact
Angela Jensen, Partner
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Bryan Derbyshire