Insurtech startup TicketGuardian partners with SquadUP to maximize revenue for event organizers and disrupt ticket insurance space

TechStartups Team POSTED ON MARCH 12, 2018

Imagine a great concert in your city. You purchased the ticket upfront and for some reasons beyond your control, you were unable to attend the event and you forfeited your money.  TicketGuardian is California startup that is solving this problem. Founded in 2016 by Bryan Derbyshire, TicketGuardian is a providing a ticket protection service by offering a virtual refund to a non-refundable industry.

The company has two products. The first product, known as standard coverage, covers many of the perils that can keep attendees from making it to an event such as car accidents and severe weather to family emergencies and even the common cold.  As with any type of insurance, their standard coverage requires documentation when a claim is filed. However they make the claims process as simple as possible. They also give those who have filed a claim the ability to quickly and conveniently upload their documentation online.  The second product know as Full Attendee Protection, offers customers peace of mind in a historically non-refundable industry. with that mission in mind, we created our 100% attendee protection. Their full protection allows the attendee to get their money back if they cannot attend for any reason. Their full attendee protection does not require any documentation for a claim to be approved and is not limited to unforeseen emergencies. Their 100% attendee protection is reserved for event organizers and ticketing platforms that will include this coverage with every ticket sold for an event.

As part of its enormous growth and its goal to transform the live event ticketing industry, the company announced today announced that it’s partnering with SquadUP, to bring event enthusiasts peace of mind when booking in advance on the white label platform. Together, the two companies want to help users safeguard their cash and eliminate purchase regret.

Through the partnership, SquadUP will provide ticket holders with TicketGuardian insurance to protect them against the unknown, since attendees often purchase tickets well in advance of the date of the event.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with SquadUP,” says Bryan Derbyshire, Founder and CEO of TicketGuardian. “Today, more people are buying experiences several months in advance, and we’re enthusiastic that SquadUP and TicketGuardian are aligned in driving the message that clients and fans come first.”

SquadUP, an industry leader in mobile-first and white label ticketing, provides event organizers with a suite of mobile first products for ticketing, event management audience engagement. The company also offers a completely white-labeled implementation for enterprise customers.

“By partnering with TicketGuardian, we have a unique opportunity to use technology to create a win-win situation for patrons and organizers,” says Willie Litvack, Founder and CEO of SquadUP. “TicketGuardian’s individualized policies will provide patrons with peace of mind while giving organizers the opportunity to maximize revenue through the sale of unused inventory.”

TicketGuardian is the leader in the new in ticketing insurance space. The company has raised a $1.5 in funding to date.

Bryan Derbyshire