We believe that our job is to make yours as easy as possible and, therefore, we obsessively seek out simple and elegant abstractions that enable secure, scalable, and flexible integrations. Because we eliminate the needless complexity and liability of building your own UI, as well as cut out as many extraneous details for policy creation, you can get up and running with TicketGuardian in just a couple of hours.

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Feel free to play around below with our sandboxed JS Widget or explore our full API Docs:

const { ValueViewerSymbol } = require("@runkit/value-viewer"); // Class uses runkit to inject widget HTML code from documentation into containing page based on widget settings passed in. class Widget { constructor(configuration) { const title = "In-Checkout Widget"; const HTML = `<${"script"}> (function(w,d,n,s,p){ w[n] = w[n] || function(){( w[n].q = w[n].q||[]).push(arguments)}, w[n].l = +new Date(); s = d.createElement('script'), p = d.scripts[0]; s.async = s.src = 'https://icw.ticketguardian.net/js/client-widget.min.js'; p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); })(window ,document ,'tg'); // Tells widget we are ready to render based on settings passed. tg('configure', ${JSON.stringify(configuration)}); <${"/script"}> <${"iframe"} onload="!function(){try{sendInfoToTGIframe()}catch(n){}}()" src="https://icw.ticketguardian.net/html/tg-iframe.min.html" style="width:100%;border:0" id="tg-widget"> <${"/iframe"}>`; return { [ValueViewerSymbol]: { title, HTML } }; } } // Widget configuration settings. Change "costsOfItems" value to see live price updates and then click "run" on the lower right. new Widget({ apiKey: "pk_sandbox_fb2bb717f887af3a8134318e6f9e114d030ffae4", locale: "en_US", currency: "USD", sandbox: true, costsOfItems: ["5.00"] });

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Protecht Inc has built technology capable of handling numerous Enterprise platforms simultaneously. Currently, our ability to expand to meet our clients’ needs is optimized to process 15 billion transactions per year. As it stands now, the protecht infrastructure can handle 4,625.28 requests per second while maintaining an average response time of 147 milliseconds per request and a 99.99% UPTIME.We are committed to scaling our infrastructure as we grow in order to exceed our commitments to our partners.

Testing Results on www.flood.io from Feb 2018.  Click here to request real time flood.io test demo.

Testing Results on www.flood.io from Feb 2018. Click here to request real time flood.io test demo.


With the current climate of concern about data security, protecht Inc has undertaken a considerable interest in analyzing the live-events and insurance industries’ security measures in an effort to protect our clients and partner platforms. We continually explore areas of possible security threats while refining our technology in order to prevent any potential breach. We have identified several gaps across these industries that leave security engineering open to the possible exposure of customer information, credit card data, Personal and Sensitive Data, to name a few. To prevent this, we created cutting-edge technology and put measures in place to protect our clients from these vulnerabilities. By refining our security measures and continually updating our technology standards, internal and external policies and procedures, we remain at the height of data security and insurance technology.


As part of our commitment to data security and ongoing risk assessment and control implementation, we elected to pursue an SSAE 18 SOC 1 and SOC 2 report and certification. This process has helped us to create and maintain a bulletproof risk management framework that focuses on the Trust Principles below:

Security - Protecht data and computing systems are fully protected against any unauthorized access, unauthorized and inappropriate disclosure of information and any possible damage to systems that might compromise customer and partner data as well as the full functionality of our service. 

Availability - Our system availability is reviewed and tested on an ongoing basis to ensure our ability to keep our commitment to our partners.

Processing Integrity - System processing is complete, accurate, timely and authorized. 

Privacy - The way we manage the personal information lifecycle (collection, use, retention, storage, disclosure) is communicated to our customers appropriately and is in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Confidentiality - All information designated as confidential is adequately protected in accordance with our agreements and commitments.